Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya

Human Values and Professional Ethics

Human Values and Professional Ethics

The College upholds the values and ideals of Mahatma Buddha. The institution established on the holly and world famous university of Nalanda Bihar makes its contribution to the creation of a just, humane and inclusive society on earth through providing transformative education. We accompany and mentor our students so that they develop as men of competence, compassion and conscience, and empowered with ignited minds and hearts, pursue the goal of transformation of our society.

Core Human Values

Mahabodhi Mahavidhyalaya (B.Ed.) is not merely confined to imparting knowledge in the classroom, but is a means of reinforcing values of love, compassion, equality and justice. The College aspires to produce academically oriented, sensitive and responsible citizens who will contribute towards making the world a better place. This vision of the College defines its educational policy and has been one of its major strengths and characteristic features from the time of its inception till date. Mahabodhi Mahavidhyalaya (B.Ed.) provides a caring and nurturing environment where our students come into their own, blossoming into confident young pupil teachers ready to face the world. We appreciate, respect and promote the perspectives, rights and dignity of each individual.

Core Professional Ethics

The success of an institution’s mission and vision is driven by value-based ethical behaviour of its committed faculty members, staff and students. The College believes that all aspects of education focus on the core values of contributing to national development while keeping in view the philosophy of having professional ethics and a sound uniform ethical conduct. Untiring efforts are made to instill the values of mutual trust, team work, and promotion of social capital, easy sharing of knowledge, skills and resources to create a vibrant society. Codes of professional ethics guide the stakeholders of the College about the desirable acts including integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, commitment and sustainability.
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